Ten Rules for a Call Girl

I’m excited to tell you that Simon & Schuster published my e-short story, TEN RULES FOR A CALL GIRL, yesterday.

The story is about the initiation of a modern courtesan, and is equal parts SVU and Fifty Shades of Gray.  Best of all it’s FREE (for now)!  I’m very happy to offer it to my friends and fans at no cost.

Download your free copy today:


Kindle: http://amzn.to/M8a2VX

Nook: http://bit.ly/LalnXB

iTunes: http://bit.ly/KOLp3W

Sony: http://bit.ly/JWEciX




And then tell me what you think!  I hope you like it.

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  1. Oh my God, I downloaded the story and just was going to take a peek and then I got sucked in for an hour. I couldn’t put it down! It is AMAZING!! And now I cannot wait to read Discretion.

  2. Great story, but wow those are some pretty graphic sex scenes. Did your parents read them? What about your bosses?

    • My bosses these days are just at Simon & Schuster. I resigned from the Department of Justice last June to concentrate on writing full time. I miss my friends and the work, but am glad my DOJ supervisors are no longer required by law to review these scenes. Now, if they *want* to read them, that is fine by me. :)

  3. Here is my written review: http://readinggoodbooks.wordpress.com/2012/06/10/review-ten-rules-for-a-call-girl-by-allison-leotta/

    I can’t wait to read your other books! Thank you for sharing.

  4. Michelle Cunin says:

    What about those who don’t own a Kindle or anything? Anything for those of us who love their laptops?

  5. What a tease! Loved it, and the book will download to my Kindle while we’re at the beach–can’t wait to read the rest of it!

  6. Rhiannon says:

    I wish I could access it- I have a Kobo, so a PDF or EPUB versiuon would be appreciated. I can’t access the Kindle, ITunes, Nook or Sony versions for my Kobo. :(

  7. Okay, folks, here is a version you should be able to read on your computer, even if you don’t have a Kindle, Nook or other reading device. Enjoy!


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