Fun News

The Huffington Post is now running my weekly recaps of SVU!  You can expect the same snarky reality-checks I’ve been dishing for the last two years, just at a much bigger website.

Of course, I’ll still be posting and commenting here.  But if you have a chance, please stop by HuffPo and check out the fancy new digs.  Even better,  “Like” the post, become my “Fan” (by clicking on the red heart at the top), or leave a comment, so I know you found me there.  Thanks!

See you back here next week for SVU’s 300th episode.  (Do you think there will be cake?)

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  1. After 300 episodes, what is your favorite Benson one-liner?

  2. Thank you for replying! Mine…”Closure is a myth!” :)

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