Meth Makeover

In over a decade as a prosecutor, I spent a lot of time waiting in police stations, killing time by reading the public service announcements. The “Faces of Meth” posters are always the most morbidly fascinating.  Drugs can mess you up in many ways, but none will destroy your face faster and more dramatically than crystal meth. Check it out:

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  1. I was at a small techno party last year. Needless to say, there was a lot of drugs going around, and most were on something (mostly XTC, thank goodness). But this one women… I don’t know if it was meth or speed or whatever. Her skin was yellow/brown, bones sticking out, eyes in the back of her face, skinny like an anorexic. It was both a very sad and scary sight. Specifically meth, heroine and crack will mess someone up faster than you can blink.

    Would be nice if society and the justice department look at these people like patients rather than criminals, though.

  2. Allison Leotta says:

    Hey TokoBali, It sounds like you could write your own SVU episode based on that party.

  3. Very well could. With Munch having to make his way through a rave full of dopeheads, remembering the old days, when people still liked The Doors. :P

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